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JUN 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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52 • June 2018 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Made with new Dura-Hold Paper and Adhe- sive, Post-it Extreme Notes are designed to stick on rough, textured and curved surfaces and withstand tough weather conditions, indoors and outdoors. A study conducted by Wakefield Research found that to relay important information, 51 percent of non-office workers use unconventional, and unreliable, materials like scraps of paper, gum wrappers or receipts. Now, 3M product developers contend, Post-it Extreme offers a durable, water-resistant and writable surface to capture notes and information. "Dependable communication is key for productive, accurate work and timely results, yet our research uncovered that 82 percent of workers outside the office experience challenges with nonverbal communication," says 3M's Remi Kent, global business direc- tor, Post-it Brand. "After years of leading the market in office communication, Post-it Extreme Notes were developed specifically for this need outside of traditional offices. This new tool can get messages across, even in the toughest conditions." With Dura-Hold Paper and Adhesive, Post-it Extreme Notes stick securely on surfaces from raw wood to brick, concrete, tile or steel, as well as around piping and corners. Once applied to a dry surface, they will withstand extreme elements, including wet conditions, rain, wind, snow and mois- ture, and O-120°F temperatures while always removing cleanly. The 3.5- x 3-in. Extreme Notes are available in three- or 12-pad packs alongside Post-it Products. — www.Postit. com/Extreme Durable Posts Farr Gold Series industrial dust collectors remove hazardous and nuisance dusts from production areas while occupying limited floor space. Built from 3.5-ft. square modules, they can be combined in dozens of configurations to fit specific work environments. Each module accommodates airflows up to 5,000 cubic feet per minute using four pleated filter cartridges mounted in a symmetrical frame. The collectors are built from heavy-duty carbon steel, powder coated to provide maximum strength and durability. Filter cartridges are oriented vertically, which provides efficient pulse cleaning of high dust loads. The modular design enables customized Farr Gold Series dust collectors to be specified, built and shipped quickly, product engineers note. Camfil APC experts work with customers to design the collector needed for their specific applications while minimizing energy usage. Customizable options include: Bag in/bag out containment systems, allowing workers to replace dirty filters without being exposed to dusts, plus self-dump- ing hoppers. Farr Gold Series units use the latest filter tech- nology—HemiPleat cartridges with Gold Cone filter inserts. Cartridge pleats remain open and use more filter media, while the Gold Cone insert opens up even more usable space for airflow. Filter cartridges last longer because they capture more dust with a lower pressure drop and release more of that dust during pulse cleaning. They also require less compressed air and demand less energy from the fan motor. — Camfil APC, Jonesboro, Ark., 800/479-6801; www.camfilapc. com Modular dust collectors Company's new crane rail profile accommodates AL System Work- station Cranes handling lighter loads up to 250 lbs. As with all AL Systems rail profile sizes, the smaller new AL-1 lightweight alumi- num track profile incorporates exclusive t-slot design and anodized enclosed rails for maintenance-free workstation solutions. All AL System Cranes safely and efficiently accommodate a wide variety of lifters and handling devices. With lightweight aluminum track profiles, AL System Cranes are also easily configured to suit almost any application need. Their anodized aluminum extrusions and enclosed rails maximize strength and extend durability. Articulated anti-kick up wheels offer additional advantages. AL System Cranes are articulating, meaning that they are free moving and do not require movement at right angles. This feature also pro- vides smooth operation and a low starting force even when the load is at the end of the bridge. In addition, the AL System Crane's anti-kick up nylon wheels deliver smooth and safe movement of the trolley inside the enclosed rail. One of the most important advantages over other lightweight aluminum rail systems, product engineers note, is an exclusive t-slot design for splicing two pieces of rail together. The t-slot eases instal- lation with a wide variety of integrating equipment, such as lifters and end-effectors, chain hoists or smart lifters. The t-slot splice design also eliminates bumps when a load is moved over track splices. — Engineered Material Handling, Valley City, Ohio, 330/220-8600 ext. 225; Small capacity, workstation crane

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