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MAY 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 66 of 71 May 2018 • 65 Developer of HoistCam remote camera monitoring systems announces the Low Profile HC140 (Gen3) model for applications where camera mounting is critical for viewing the load. The design was achieved by relocating the camera connector so it attaches at the Video Transmission Box. With new 360-degree rotation, camera orientation can be directed to the exact perspective the operator requires. If the crane's hook block is located 90 degrees to the left, for example, the lens can be oriented 90 degrees to the right so the view of the camera on the monitor is correct. Or, HC140 developers note, when mounted on other types of equipment, such as a rubber tire gantry or straddle carrier, it is possible to orient the camera for a view of the spreader bar pins. When the application changes, the operator can readjust perspective by manually loosening a screw, adjusting camera orientation, and re-tightening the screw. Further increasing the flexibility is a unique magnetic mounting system allowing the camera to be installed at various locations on the lifting equipment as needed for the best possible view of the load. Other HC140 improvements are an upgraded camera, delivering wide angles and infrared illuminators for nighttime viewing. A higher quality housing and nitrogen filled enclosure provides the HC140 with an IP69K rating for optimum performance when fully submerged in water or when working in high operating temperatures. "Our customers were asking for a camera solution for complicated load handling scenarios. On its own, the HC140 (Gen3) offers that flexibility, which is further maximized when the setup is customized for unique situations, such as having multiple units feed to a single split screen or when special power supply requirements, such as solar generated power, must be met," says Netarus Chief Technology Officer Chris Machut. Optional remote monitoring and recording with HoistCam Director enables managers to view and manage plants or jobsites from afar. Information about current real-time job progression improves work flow and communication with other contractors. The device is also useful for risk management and accident investigation, and transfers video and images to a mobile digital video recorder, which captures and stores data from up to eight cameras. — Netarus LLC, Norfolk, Va., Crane-mounted camera INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY New models shown at World of Concrete 2018 are engineered for effective consolidation of concrete to help optimize quality and finishing on demanding construction projects. The Sure Speed 2.0 Electric Motor Vibrator provides a solution for the most challenging applications, including difficult advanced mixes. It employs computer control to automatically maintain head speed in varying conditions, and requires less power consumption by using only the energy necessary for job completion. Its "square head" design produces uniform and repeatable vibration, and maintains a long service life. Users need but one motor to power any shaft length and head size. The Sure Speed's lightweight, ergonomic configuration minimizes labor hours and fatigue, and a soft-start feature extends brush life. Users can maintain head speed regardless of slump, load, shaft or head size. The vibrator is lightweight with an ergonomic handgrip and shoulder strap; quiet operation eliminates the need for hearing protection. The 995 Electric Motor Vibrator builds on the company's 994 model, providing greater durability while incorporating the latest Sure Speed line features—rugged molded motor enclosure, reliable electric switch and easy-to-service motor brushes. The vibrator, product engineers contend, offers utmost versatility to power through rigorous concrete con- solidation tasks; allows operators to easily change from quick-disconnect to threaded shafts; and, drives any head and shaft combination, with a single motor meeting all consolidation requirements. — Electric motor vibrators The Sure Speed 2.0 and 995 Electric Motor Vibrators meet safety and noise standards defined in UL60745 Electri- cal Certification, Canadian Standards Association Certification, and Occupa- tional Safety and Health Administra- tion 29 CFR 1910.95.

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