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MAY 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 64 of 71 May 2018 • 63 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY Company bills Juno as a revolutionary alternative binder, based on advancements in mineralogy and nanotechnology, to improve the performance of concrete at the microscopic level. The proprietary mineral admixture is composed of matrix-toughen- ing mechanisms induced by mix design, plus a microscopic matrix of fibers than can be customized to specific applications. Juno can be used to partially substitute traditional binders in conventional con- crete slabs, soil stabilization, mass pours, above-grade walls, grout, shotcrete and controlled density fill. In tests against plain control specimens, the admixture has imparted the greatest binder economy (> 30 percent) in mix designs for the latter three applications. In addition to conventional cement-based products, initial users have also demonstrated Juno's capacity to bind crushed leftover or returned concrete as sub- stitute to virgin rock rip-rap. — Surface Tech LLC, San Diego, Calif., 619/880-0265; www. Nano-scale mineral admixture, microfiber blend In contrast to traditional back up alarms' "beep, beep" noise, the Brigade Electronics White Sound bbs-tek alarm emits a "ssh, ssh" sound that can be heard clearly on a construction site, even when workers are wearing headphones or hearing protection devices. White sound reversing alarms use broad- band frequencies, giving greater directional information to the ear. This means the sound is instantly locatable, a leap forward in terms of safety as even a split-second's confusion can result in an accident, Brigade engineers note. Mobile traffic event recorder BESTING BACK-UP ALARM BEEPS Equipped with new software, a high defini- tion picture feed, plus advanced 4G mobile network connectivity and Wi-Fi, the MDR- 500 Series helps fleet owners reduce risk and liability by logging traffic events triggering video capture from cab or exterior mounted cameras. Manufactured from robust aluminum casing, it features built-in audible buzzer to alert drivers to various alarms, such as video loss, and 10 diagnostic LEDs to show system status at a glance. Mirror and flip-view capa- bilities also mean images can be viewed from multiple angles. A new 4G compatibility feature enables a stream of data to be downloaded remotely via the fastest mobile network. Vehicles can also be tracked in real time using GPS, pro- viding immediate notification of any incident. Accessing the MDR files has been enhanced with an upgraded USB 3.0 port making down- load speeds up to 10 times faster than before. New dashboard features include the ability to pinpoint a vehicle's location to an actual street address; an auto-logout feature for additional security; and, the opportunity to check for software updates using the MDR settings. "Our latest MDR device captures real-time footage from up to eight vehicle-mounted cameras, providing instant access to incidents along with irrefutable proof when there are conflicting reports on who's to blame—abso- lutely essential data when faced with false claims or crash-for-cash scams," says Brigade Electronics' Corey Heniser. "Installing or upgrading to the new 500 Series is a really straightforward and speedy process, so vehicle downtime will be kept to an absolute mini- mum." — Brigade Electronics Inc., Portland, Ind., 260/766-4343; www.brigade-electronics. com/en-us

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