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MAY 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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62 • May 2018 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY Citing concrete producers' limited options for eliminating moisture from compressed air lines, the manufacturer presents D Series single tower deliquescent dryers as easy to maintain and operating without moving parts or power requirements. Air delivered to plant equip- ment exhibits a dew point 20°F below that of the air temperature at dryer inlet. As long as the air temperature down stream of the dryers remains above the dew point provided, plant operators will observe no liquid or freeze-ups. D Series towers most commonly deployed in concrete production are the D8–D16 models, with flow ratings from 50-150 SCFM (at 100 PSIG), with a maximum pressure of 250 PSIG. Deliquescent dryers can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors. For portability, they can also be mounted to trucks or trailers. The dryers are espe- cially suited for low pressure air, intermittent flows, and point-of-use applications. — Van Air Systems, Lake City, Pa., 800/840-9906; www. Compressed-air dryer Moisture-bearing compressed air enters the vessel at an inlet on the lower left, flowing through a bed of Dry-O-Lit desiccant, which acts like a sponge and absorbs water vapor. As it slowly dissolves, the desiccant forms a liquid that falls to the bottom of the vessel, from which it is easily drained through a valve. Dry compressed air exits at the top right. The 3.5-yd., 750-gal. capacity Alpha Dog has joined the Porta-Pit series of concrete mixer or pump truck washout containment vessels. The main body is constructed of industrial strength, cross-linked polyethylene plastic—five times stronger than conventional polypro- pylene sheet and resistant to concrete mix or cement slurry build up. A baffled lid design traps washout and slurry in the container with a rubber seal and ratched locking system. Framed in heavy-duty steel runners and supports, the system prevents spillage during plant or site transfer or transport. The Alpha Dog measures 100- x 58- x 45-in., roughly the size of two shipping pallets. Lid options include 1-in. square rubber seal, pack of 26 heavy-duty ratchets with straps, and 10-in. center lid. Among other Porta-Pit series vessels are the 1.75-yd. Big Dog (50- x 58- x 45-in.); 1.25-yd. Little Big Dog (50- x 58- x 29-in.); and, 1.75- or 1.25-yd. Boom Pump Tray (8- x 4-ft. x 14 in. or 20 in.). — Washout Watchdog, 626/893-4170; Engineered for concrete producers and their contractor customers, the Alpha Dog is the largest of the Porta-Pit vessels. Portable washout pit

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