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MAY 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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54 • May 2018 FEATURE TRUCKS & COMPONENTS MOMENTUM | GREENLYNC CNG ENGINE SUPPORT GreenLync 2.0 electronics communication system supports company's compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems for trucks running Cummins Westport L9N and ISX12N engines. It utilizes advanced tech- nologies to provide critical, real-time information enabling drivers, fleet managers and technicians to effectively manage, diagnose and service vehicles. GreenLync 2.0 affords drivers information they've never had before with CNG power, emu- lating technology for diesel engine vehicles and instilling confidence. Through collaboration with Cummins, the system is designed to reduce false occurrences of engine fault codes, and integrates with telematics platforms so fleet managers can observe vehicle performance and optimize fuel management. A driver message center displays live fuel pressure reading, temperature-com- pensated fuel level and distance-to-empty. GreenLync 2.0 technology calculates a number of factors to deliver the latter figure, in turn reducing range anxiety and giving drivers more confidence. Real-time CNG tank pressure and temperature-compensated fuel levels give drivers an even more detailed picture of their system's performance. "Customers wanted a gauge that was more like they ones in their diesel vehicles," says Momen- tum General Manager Mike Zimmerman. "With the distance-to-empty information at their fingertips, drivers can have a diesel-like experience and an easier transition to CNG vehicles." All Momentum CNG fuel systems are designed and built in collaboration with Cummins. Through this development work, Cummins' diagnostic system can now recognize when a CNG fuel system is low on fuel, which helps to reduce false occur- rences of engine faults codes. In the past, drivers might have received a false "check engine" light, prompting them to take trucks in for service when all they needed was a fill up, notes Zimmerman. "Now, the systems are more sophisticated, and the engines can recognize when you are low on fuel, helping eliminate those false alerts and preventing unnecessary expense and downtime of the vehicle," he adds. — Momentum Fuel Technologies, Roanoke, Texas, 844/264-8265; www.momentumfueltechnol - GreenLync 2.0 technology can fully integrate with compatible telematics platforms, allowing drivers and fleet managers to be alerted of any need im- mediately, so maintenance or service can be com- pleted before it becomes an issue. Using telemat- ics, drivers and fleet managers can also monitor their fuel levels and usage stats and optimize their fuel consumption. Onboard Dynamics, a specialist in alternative refueling technologies, recently launched the GoFlo CNG-80, a mobile natural gas compressor whose capacity makes it cost-effective for smaller CNG vehicle fleets or initial deployment of larger fleets running the diesel power alternative. Due to the compressor's modular design, fleet operators can expand their CNG vehicle inventory by adding GoFlo units as demand increases—with- out incurring electrical power upgrade costs. The mobile compressor is also easy to relocate in the event that a CNG fleet needs to be redeployed, and can also serve as a backup to dedicated refueling stations. "We believe the lower cost and flexibility of our mobile natural gas compressor will greatly increase the attractiveness of operating vehicles on clean, abundant, inexpensive domestic natural gas," says Onboard Dynamics CEO Rita Hansen. "Because it is self-powered, the GoFlo com- pressor provides cost saving and new capabilities to the CNG industry." A limited number of GoFlo CNG-80 systems will be available ahead of full production in the second half of 2018. To meet projected demand, Onboard Dynamics entered an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Ontario-based Linamar Corp., whose brands include Skyjack material han- dling equipment. — OnBoard Dynamics Inc., Bend, Ore., 541/550-3632; MOBILE NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR With U.S. Department of Energy backing, technology underpinning the system has been under development for nearly four years.

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