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MAY 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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48 • May 2018 FEATURE TRUCKS & COMPONENTS Company's "one-stop, custom solution" for heavy duty trucks spans weight-saving power transmission belts, catalytic converters, vibra- tion control elements and hoses for enhanced safety, reliability and fuel efficiency. CONTINENTAL | ENGINE PARTS FPM-lined hoses. Fuel lines with an electri- cally conductive inner lining have been fitted as standard in passenger cars for some time, but are now becoming attractive for truck specs. A conductive inner lining made of FPM (fluorocarbon rubber) prevents static buildup at high flow rates, which under worst-case scenario can result in sparking and spon- taneous vehicle ignition. Highly flexible Continental fuel lines are suitable for diesel, biodiesel or gasoline and can withstand con- tinuous operating temperatures from -40 to 320°F. Externally reinforced hose. Flexible, kink-resistant and lightweight, the Conti Excelsus suits high-temperature applica- tions and, product engineers note, delivers a significant weight advantage over stainless steel braid-enclosed PTFE pipes. The Excelsus hose also contributes to assembly-friendly processes with tight bending radii. It feeds cooling water and lubricant to turbochargers and is also spec'ed for transporting exhaust system air or fuel return lines. A special braid of highly temperature- and chem- ical-resistant synthetic fabric makes the hose flexible and enables it to be used in particularly tight, complex package spaces. FRP engine mount bracket. Fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced polyamid, a prototype engine mount bracket is 40 percent lighter than a comparable steel component. Bushing. Hydro bushing promotes better vibration control than classic bushings thanks to an integrated fluid system. Hydraulic resistance increases the damping effect of vibration control elements; Conti- nental engineers use the effect in bushings and mounts with an integrated fluid system. Hydro bushings withstand loads of 1,230 N to 3,000 N and offer long service life. Unlike classic mounts, the component can be rotated about its center axis, simplifying vehicle maintenance work. V-belt. Unipower Tough Grip multi V-belt with fabric cover reliably drives ancillary com- ponents in engines such as alternators, fans, air-conditioning systems or hydraulic pumps. Belt has a very low coefficient of friction that it owes to an underside coated with a highly abrasion-resistant special fabric exhibiting extreme stability under dynamic conditions. The fabric cover protects the belt against wear in dusty and sandy environments. The fabric-re- inforced underside ensures low wear, optimal grip and smooth operation under conditions such as cold start, dampness or misaligned pulleys. — ContiTech North America, Powertain Division,

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