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APR 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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56 • April 2018 Continued growth in precast production and atten- dant needs for increased plant efficiencies have informed Michigan-based Pathfinder Systems' team- ing with Germany's Vollert and Italy's Nordimpianti for North American equipment representation. The latter companies have provided plant solutions to precast producers the world over. Pathfinder Systems has served the North American market for 20-plus years with dry cast equipment, and sees entry in precast as a natural fit with its services and expertise. Vollert is recognized as a global leader and inno- vator for precast systems and machine solutions. Founded in 1925, it has 270-plus employees, of whom more than 100 are in project management, engi- neering development and sales support. An export proportion of 80 percent shows the international reach of Vollert, whose experience and expertise enables staff to address each customer's requirements individually and provide customized solutions. "We strive towards technology and innovation leadership in our markets," the manufacturer notes. "Our organi- zation and strategy is so agile that we are constantly developing alongside our markets and customers." Vollert can provide the equipment required to support stationary plant or automated circulation or carousel-type systems. It offers high performance tilting tables; beam, column, battery and stair molds; turning devices for double wall production; Smart Set shuttering robots; concrete spreaders and com- paction systems; curing chambers; surface finishing tools; and, intelligent control/management systems. The company can customize equipment components as needed, and also designs machine and plant tech- nology for advanced prestressed concrete rail tie production. Nordimpianti was founded in 1974 as a small family business. It has since become one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and equip- ment for prestressed concrete element production. Nordimpianti has delivered more than 200 plants and machines capable of producing a wide range of prestressed hollow core elements used in flooring sys- tems and/or wall panels. It also offers a range of wet casting technology through Extruder, Wet Casting and Slipformer model machines. Beyond hollow core slabs, the machines can produce inverted single or double T-beams, half slabs, slabs with lattice ribs, U-panels, vineyard posts and lintels. Nordimpanti designs and manufactures products under one roof using a team of professionals, who create solutions for a vast range of residential, civil, industrial, and infrastructure construction applica- tions. It likewise provides a complete consultancy service, dealing with the smallest technical question up to the design of complete factories; assisting with existing facility expansion or refurbishment; and, advising, supporting and supplying greenfield pre- cast/prestressed operations. — Pathfinder Systems, Holland, Mich., 616/395-8447, 877/498-4437; www. INNOVATIONS PLANT EQUIPMENT Vollert, Nordimpianti guide Pathfinder deeper into precast Pathfinder Systems gains hollow core production machinery offerings as Nordim- planti's North American representative. Vollert specializes in equipment for automated circulation or carousel-type systems, along with stationary precast production lines.

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