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MAR 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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64 • March 2018 PowerMount equips lift truck operator to change from one hydraulic attachment to another in 90 seconds. System allows for the cycle to be completed without the need for an engineer, guaranteeing a fast, easy and safe engagement of forklift devices. Dedicated attachments can restrict use of a forklift truck to a few hours a day, the company contends, whereby owners effectively pay for equipment to sit idle for long periods. PowerMount has the potential to cut fleet costs as it allows the workforce to perform various lifting jobs with fewer trucks. It also enhances on-site safety, product engineers note, as it ensures oper- ators are more likely to select the right device to perform each task rather than compromising by using whatever attachment the truck has fitted at the time. — B&B Attachments, United Kingdom, www.; North American representative, Lift Technolo- gies, 888/946-3330, Forklift attachment quick release Designed for high, intermediate or low point level detection, Dyna- trol indicator has no moving parts and requires no adjustments, resulting in low operating costs. Rugged design and vibrating probe prevent build-up and ensure reliable level measurements suited to abrasive material exposure, it can be used in bins or tanks for problem conditions where other types of controls may fail. Among candidate applications are cement, lime, sand and aggregate ves- sels, especially those equipped with vibrators. Dynatrol units are factory calibrated with no field calibration required and approved for Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III Ser- vices. — Automation Products Inc./Dynatrol Division, 800/231-2062, 713/869-0361; Bulk solids level indicator Plant operators managing inventory in pie-shaped silo segments can deploy new firmware for the company's 3DLevelScanner acoustic sensor. The 3DLevelScanner measures and models the topography of material contained in the wedges; the firmware then applies the measured distances to a 3D model of vessel dimensions and converts it to an accurate volume figure. By contrast, the manufacturer notes, non-contact or guided wave radar devices or weight and cable style sensors measure only a single distance in pie-shaped silo segments. The location of the filling or emptying points or lack of material flow may cause uneven piling of material, leading to inac- curate inventory estimates based upon a single measure- ment. The 3DLevelScanner maps the material surface, accounting for variations, then factors in the radius and height of the segment being measured—making the volume accuracy very precise, engineers contend. Additionally, buildup on the outer perimeter of the silo or along on the walls can be detected, accounted for in inventory, and addressed by maintenance staff. The same 3DLevel Scanner can be used for either segmented or round silos. — BinMaster, Lincoln, Neb., Split-silo measurement INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS

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