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MAR 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 58 of 75 March 2018 • 57 TECHNICAL TALK 2018 TRB MEETING for pavement removal and construction of a new subgrade/subbase, significantly reducing the cost to construct a new pavement." The authors conclude: • Bonded concrete overlay performance on the Interstate system varied widely, and should only be used in the future judiciously, with engi- neering judgment; • Unbonded concrete overlays performed consistently well, with all observed pavements exceeding or expected to exceed their design lives and design traffic factors; and, • The thin unbonded overlay was too new to conduct a meaningful anal- ysis of performance. Route County Original Pavement New Overlay In Service? Type Year Type Year Bonded concrete overlays I-80 Rock Island 8-in. CRCP 1965 4-in. concrete 1994-95 No – 2010 I-88 Whiteside 8-in. CRCP 1976 3-in. concrete 1996 Yes Unbonded concrete overlays I-70 WB Bond 8-in. JRCP 1939 6-8-in. CRCP 1967 No – 1987 I-55 South Sangamon 7-in. JRCP 1933 8-in. CRCP 1970 No – 2001 I-55 NB North Sangamon 10-in. JRCP Mid-1950s 9-in. CRCP 1976 No – 1997 I-74 WB Knox 7-in. CRCP 1969 9-in. CRCP 1995 Yes I-88 Whiteside 8-in. CRCP 1975 9-in. CRCP 2001 Yes I-70 Clark 8-in. CRCP 1969 12-in. CRCP 2002 Yes I-57 Jefferson 8-in. CRCP 1969 10.5-in. CRCP 2014 Yes I-57 Union/Johnson 10-in. CRCP 1960-61 9.75-in. JPCP 2016 Yes Thin unbonded overlay I-72 Sangamon 8-in. CRCP 1976 6- x 6-ft. x 6-in. 2015 Yes ILLINOIS INTERSTATE OVERLAY SURVEY CRCP: Continuously reinforced concrete pavement JRCP: Jointed reinforced concrete pavement JPCP: Jointed plain concrete pavement RB441T RB441T WWW.MAXUSACORP.COM | 800.223.4293 CALL TO SCHEDULE A JOBSITE DEMO DOUBLE THE SPEED INTRODUCING THE DOUBLE THE SPEED THE TWINTIER'S WIRE PULL BACK MECHANISM INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION VIDEO PRODUCT TESTIMONIAL VIDEO

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