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FEB 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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8 • February 2018 An Infrastructure Working Group within the 48-member, bipartisan Congressional Prob- lem Solvers Caucus has issued a new report, "Rebuilding America's Infrastructure," offer- ing solutions to improve highways, roads and bridges, transit and railways, ports and air- ports, water and sewer systems, the power grid, plus broadband and communications networks. "By modernizing existing user fees, incentivizing private innovation and invest- ment through public private partnerships, making smarter investments with limited federal dollars, and increasing accountabil- ity to taxpayers, this taskforce believes we can build a[n] infrastructure network that will foster a truly 21st century economy that works for every single American," the group affirms. "The policy solutions provide Congress the building blocks necessary to craft a compre- hensive infrastructure plan that both parties can agree to," says Problem Solvers Co-Chair Tom Reed (D-NY). "We've paved a bipartisan path to get to 'yes' and look forward to work- ing with key leaders in Congress to find the right mix of policies to create legislation that can, and should, be enacted into law as soon as possible." "Our country became great because Amer- icans dreamed big, built big, and made bold decisions. Working together, we spanned rivers, electrified rural America, built rail- roads across the continent, connected cities thousands of miles apart with highways, and moved information faster than humans ever imagined possible," adds Infrastructure Working Group Co-Chair Rep. Elizabeth Etsy (D-CT). "Those investments created millions of jobs, led to unprecedented mobility and innovation, and established America as the envy of the world. Today, millions of Amer- icans see aging airports and rightly wonder if we're still capable of tackling the toughest challenges our country faces in a bold, bipar- tisan manner … You cannot build a 21st century economy with a mid-20th century infrastructure." By preparing a report detailing areas where both parties can begin to work together to streamline processes and provide sustain- able funding solutions, notes Infrastructure GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS INFRASTRUCTURE Caucus weighs user fees, P3, smart investment for infrastructure policy Infrastructure Working Group member Rep. Lloyd Smuker (R-PA) calls the report "a first step towards reforming our regulatory en- vironment, modernizing transportation in- frastructure, and expanding the internet's reach into rural communities."

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