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JAN 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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78 • January 2018 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Hendrickson will host 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Product Analysis Education classes, January 23-25 at its 2018 World of Concrete Booth C6502, Las Vegas Convention Center. "In the demanding vocational trucking industry, and especially the concrete seg- ment, it's imperative to know when to replace worn parts to maximize suspension system life cycle," says Hendrickson Global Field Ser- vice Director Steve Berry. "When replacing, we always recommend Hendrickson Genuine Parts to achieve the original OEM fit and ride quality." Product Analysis Education will cover inspection of Haulmaxx bolster, auxiliary and progressive load springs for signs of wear, plus analysis of torque rod and shock absorber failure and Primaax EX Quik-Align bushing. Participants are eligible for a daily $100 gift drawing, held at the close of the 2:30 p.m. session. Hendrickson will have a full range of vocational suspension systems and compo- nents such as Haulmaax, Primaax EX, torque rods, Composilite lift axle, and Watson & Chalin products across a 30x40 booth. The focus will be on areas top of mind for custom- ers, management notes: weight reduction, durability, improved ride and handling, less maintenance, lower cost of ownership and ultimately, time savings. The manufacturer's focal point in the new year is "Engineered for Efficiency."— Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems, Truck maintenance sessions Company has engineered a versatile grout material for supporting machinery and applications requiring precision alignment. The cement-based, nonmetallic, non-shrink Hybrid Grout develops compressive strengths that rival epoxy-based grouts without the added expense. Formulated with the Five Star Air Release Technology to increase dura- bility of the hardened concrete, it offers a 95 percent effective bearing area, meaning less voids and a better bond. The material's smooth consistency results in optimal flow- ability for pumping or pours. Hybrid Grout performs as a multi-pur- pose product over a wide temperature range of 35-100°F, engineers note. As a fluid grout meeting ASTM C1107, it can be used for anchors and dowels. Its non-shrink charac- teristics also make it capable of handling load transfers and supporting tanks, ves- sels, wind turbines, compressors and turbo equipment. "This product is ideal for impact resis- tant applications, heavy machinery and equipment, high operating temperature conditions, sulfate resistance and high load anchors and dowels," says Five Star Market Manager Crysta Abell. — Five Star Products, Shelton, Conn., 203/336-7900; www.FiveStar- World of Concrete Booth S11439 Hybrid cementitious grout outguns epoxy-based formulations Based on independent AASHTO APEL evaluation and testing results, the manufacturer reports that its Nomaflex products exceed require- ments of the recently published ASTM D8139, Standard Specification for Semi-Rigid, Closed-Cell Polypropylene Foam, Preformed Expansion Joint Fillers for Concrete Paving and Structural Construction. "Nomaflex offers performance for the engineer, ease of use and less waste for the installer, while minimizing future maintenance and repairs for the end-user," contends Nomaco Technical Sales Man- ager Larry Weimer. "We have had agencies, municipalities and con- crete contractors [tell] our distributors they [will] only use Nomaflex going forward." ASTM D8139 requires more stringent tests than existing stan- dards for joint fillers such as D1751 Standard Specification for Pre- formed Expansion Joint Filler for Concrete Paving and Structural Construction (Nonextruding and Resilient Bituminous Types), he adds. Additional testing and physical property requirements to meet the new standard include UV, freeze-thaw and heat resistance. ASTM D8139 also dictates less extrusion, higher compression recovery and significantly less water absorption than required for D1751 com- pliance. "By exceeding the standards set in ASTM D8139, Nomaflex easily meets the most critical requirements of D1751 and can be used as an 'equal to or better' alternative in any concrete expansion joint fill- er application where Nonextruding and Resilient Bituminous Types are used," explains Weimer. — Nomaco, Zebulon, N.C., www.nomaco. com/product/nomaflex. World of Concrete Booth N2863 Joint filler meets new ASTM D8139 standard

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