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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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20 • February 2017 NEWS SCOPE CONCRETE MASONRY The Masonry Society's TMS 402/602-16: Building Code Requirements and Specifi- cations for Masonry sets new technician requirements to reinforce quality control measures surrounding concrete or clay units, mortar, grout and prism or scaled-wall specimen testing. Contractors, engineers or owner's representatives can meet the requirements, published in December 2016, by enlisting ACI-certified Masonry Testing Technicians. "Due to a variety of factors, including an increased need for quality assurance, masonry testing is becoming more common. Unfortunately, in some areas, testing techni- cians are not always familiar with masonry, nor its nuances that make it different than concrete," said TMS Executive Director Phil Samblanet at a World of Concrete 2017 joint briefing with the National Concrete Mason- ry Association and American Concrete Insti- tute. "The result can be improper testing, poor results, and headaches in the field. ACI's Masonry Testing Technician Certification programs will further efforts to improve test- ing quality by letting contractors, designers, NCMA endorses ACI Masonry Testing Technician references in key TMS specs and owners know who is qualified to perform masonry testing." "Masonry is one of few materials provid- ing structural form and finished wall function in buildings," observed NCMA President Bob Thomas. "Testing block is different than con- crete. We want to let owners and engineers know technicians are qualified for materials and wall assembly testing that might arise after a project is under way. Some times a project is held up by responses to inadequate testing, so it is important we have qualified technicians to perform procedures and mea- surements properly and accurately." "The masonry testing certification pro- grams support advancing education with respect to proper techniques associated with masonry materials, and were created to help improve the quality of masonry construc- tion," added ACI Managing Director of Cer- tification John Nehasil. "The industry will benefit from requiring ACI-certified masonry technicians." ACI launched Masonry Field Testing Tech- nician and Masonry Laboratory Testing Tech- nician certification in 2014. Section 1.6 A of TMS 402/602 states: "Masonry testing labo- ratory personnel who are certified in accor- dance with ACI Masonry Laboratory Testing Technician Certification Program, or equiv- alent program, are qualified." Section 1.6 B adds: "Field technicians who are certified in accordance with the requirements of ACI Masonry Field Testing Technician Certifica- tion Program, or an equivalent program, are qualified to observe and/or prepare masonry specimens." NCMA, TMS and ACI officials noted during the Las Vegas briefing that the ACI Masonry Testing Technician programs will likely be referenced in the 2018 International Build- ing Code and International Residential Code. TMS 402/602-16 was produced by Commit- tee 402/602 on Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures, formerly designated the Masonry Standards Joint Committee and sponsored by TMS, ACI and the American Society of Civil Engineers' Structural Engineering Institute. Also at World of Concrete, ACI launched a 'Why Certification' section at www.concrete. org. Site pages serve as a resource for indi- viduals, specifiers, and employers looking for more information on why certification is important for careers and businesses. Spe- cific resources include listing of where ACI certification is required; sample language for requiring certification; steps for individ- uals to get certified; steps for employers to get their people certified; and, testimonials from industry peers. NCMA's Bob Thomas is flanked by ACI's John Nehasil (left) and TMS' Phil Samblanet. GREEN ENGINEERED CHECK US OUT!

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