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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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42 • September 2015 FEATURE PRECAST/PRESTRESSED Precast producers around the world are begin- ning to embrace Building Information Model- ing (BIM) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools as the companywide productiv- ity-boosting tools they are designed to be. Those tools include: 3D modeling software, product management software, laser manu- facturing technology, and drawing-free man- ufacturing software. Finfrock Industries, Inc., sees the recent technology advances as just the tip of the iceberg. It utilizes StructureWorks, LLC's BIM software as a tool to increase productivity in all areas. StructureWorks allows the pre- caster to drive 3D laser projection systems, rebar benders, and other custom automated machinery. Finfrock uses the software to push structure and product information directly from the model into project management, ERP systems or other database systems the company utilizes. The company also uses StructureWorks' PieceTracker program that records the sta- tus of each precast member from entry into design until release from the crane. Note Fin- frock Industries' Dan Finfrock, "PieceTracker gives everyone in the company real-time, accurate information, when they need it and where they need it." He credits the Struc- tureWorks software and laser technology with reducing labor costs by more than 50 percent and reducing errors by more than 90 percent. StructureWorks technology has proved instrumental in commercializing DualDeck. Company chairman Robert Finfrock affirms, "Without BIM manufacturing the DualDeck would not be possible." His company utiliz- es laser technology to position mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection sys- tems in the product. Casting these systems into a very efficient structural product during manufacturing compresses schedules and minimizes site disruption. The ability to accurately position so many subsystems in wall and floor members during fabrication is giving Finfrock Industries a competitive boost in the industry. Furthermore, a completely paperless process for precast concrete production is a dream that soon will be within reach. Struc- tureWorks Vice President Wayne Maiuri says, "We've been systematically removing paper for about the last seven or eight years with PieceTracker. Now we've leapfrogged that process and started to remove drawings also with XceleRAYtor software." (See "Shop draw- ing simplification boosts precast fabrication productivity," Concrete Products April 2015, pages 40-41.) PRECASTERS EMBRACING BIM TOOLS AS PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTERS An inverted top panel is assessed and test ftted to ensure that pipes and frestops line up. Once satisfed, a truck will come in and pour the concrete for the bottom panel. A vibrator shakes the concrete out so it spreads evenly. The top panel will then be lowered onto the bottom. Jigs are used to make sure the product goes in and is squared to mate. The DualDeck has to be dimensionally tolerant so accuracy is at 1/16 inch or less. PLANT PHOTOS: Concrete Products

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