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JUL 2015

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 94 of 103 July 2015 • 93 INNOVATIONS REPORT MUNSON MACHINERY 2014," he adds. "Excluding the Intensifier, it's an exact twin of our original 50-cu.-ft. Rotary Batch Mixer. Rock aggregate—countertop mix- es—can be mixed without the intensifier, so a lot of items we manufacture are well suited for the 40-cu.-ft. machine. "We placed the mixers head to head for our next step of expansion. We will convert our current fll station to a stationary weigh hopper, and then add a tubular drag convey- or to feed raw goods directly into the two mixers. Blended materials are discharged into a tote and transported the way we do it now," Sacco explains. "Adding the second stainless steel Mun- son Rotary Batch Blender to our original equipment allows us the utmost fexibility in blending. We can add as much or as lit- tle shear into manufacturing the products, giving us fexibility to blend just about any- thing without degradation of particle size," says Sacco. "Since most of our products are colored, the two blenders allow us to man- ufacture both pigmented and non-pigment- ed products simultaneously, doubling daily production. With the second Munson on line and hooking up the future tubular drag, we can increase our production again by more than 100 percent. We are ready for the fu- ture." — Munson Machinery Co., 315/797- 0090; Kingdom Products is a family-owned and operated busi- ness. "We were born into a masonry family," says Bart Sacco. "Our dad was an ornamental plaster man. [Broth- er] Jim and I have worked in the trade since we were children. Having worked a lifetime with mix designs, pigments, plaster and concrete gives the Sacco broth- ers an advantage in developing new mix designs and in blending them properly for the performance required. Bart Sacco additionally has more than 25 years expe- rience as a professional decorative concrete installer. He is also an ACI flatwork finisher course instructor, having conducted educational workshops on decorative con- crete for the past 20 years. Jim Sacco's previous experience in large commercial masonry construction brings additional expertise to the Kingdom blending operations; today, he runs the King- dom blending operation and the three Rotary Batch Mix- ers on a daily basis. Both brothers work on developing formulations, and Bart Sacco manages product development and oth- er daily business tasks with a dedicated staff. "Most of our employees have been with the company 10 years or more," he explains. "When people really care about what they do. Everyone wins and it shows in the final product." KINGDOM PRODUCTS—GENERATIONS IN THE MAKING

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