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AUG 2014

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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38 • August 2014 INNOVATIONS WATER TREATMENT A filter press series from D.R. Sperry & Co. of Aurora, Ill., has joined Enviro-Port's line of concrete reclaiming and slurry handling equipment. Filter presses enable producers to reduce settling pond sediment handling requirements and solids drying time, while also expediting the return of water for pro- cess and batch use. Presses are most effcient when used with a reclaimer system directly connected to a tank or cell running an agitator pump kit or impeller and gearbox drive. In concrete production, they a) remove particulates from gray water, pressing them into easily han- dled cakes; and, b) yield low solids content, fltered water. Enviro-Port offers four Sperry models. At 470-mm with 2.5-cu.-ft. press, the smallest can process up to 8,000 gal. daily and suits precast plants or ready mixed operations with 10 or fewer trucks. Three additional models are sized to ready mixed plants with up 15, 25 and 35 trucks, respectively: 630- mm, 4.2-cu.-ft. press, 17,000 gal. capacity; 800-mm, 8.5-cu.-ft. press, 26,000 gal.; and, 1,000-mm, 20-cu.-ft. press, 35,000 gal. Mod- el choice can also hinge on producers' use of gray water in batching and whether flter press operation is continuous or inclined to production peaks. Enviro-Port's Gray Water Rebatching Tech- nology, coupled with Sperry flter presses, el- evates the reclamation process and reduces plants' carbon footprint through lower waste handling and hauling requirements. Ready mixed and precast concrete producers can look to Enviro-Port for assistance in achiev- ing all their gray water processing goals, company offcials note. — Enviro-Port Inc., 800/356-8106; Filter press line solidifies Enviro-Port reclaiming role Although in its concrete industry infancy, fl- ter press technology has existed for years. En- viro-Port underscores the Sperry flter press' potential for integration and enhancement of gray water reclamation systems; reducing pro- cess water solids to transportable cakes with low moisture content; water clarifcation; and, low-cost operation. In typical concrete opera- tions using agitated tanks, suspended solids range from 10–20 percent by weight. The flter can remove nearly all the solids when effcient agitation accompanies press-bound water.

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