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JUL 2014

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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88 • JuLY 2014 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Conveyor tilt level control Engineered to controlling conveyor material build up, the Model CT-105 tilt level con- trol is UL Listed, dust tight and weather proof. The enclosure is made of durable cast aluminum to resist corrosion and is equipped with a surface mount printed circuit board that is resistant to shock and vibration. The surface mount PC board has a field adjustable logic selector switch that can be set to actuate an alarm when material is present or when material is absent. An adjustable time delay prevents false signals. The controller output is a relay, actuated by the tilt probe when the presence (or absence) of material is detected. The Model CT-201G heavy duty, probe is used in conjunction with the control unit. The 9-in. abrasion-resistant probe is made of heavy duty steel and designed to tilt when material piles up high enough. The probe will actuate when tilted 15 degrees from vertical and send an alert to the controller, which then signals an alarm through the output relay. The con- trol unit allows for up to 5,000 feet of cable length to the probe, enabling placement of the control unit at the base of the conveyor. Here, it is easily accessible by personnel, and the red 'ALARM' and green 'NORMAL' LED indi- cator lights are clearly visible. When material build up is detected by the probe's tilt action, the output relay signals for the lower conveyor leg to shut down. The de- vice alerts the operator there is a problem via the LED indicators, halts the material feed, and protects the equipment from costly damage. — Conveyor Components Co., 800/233-3233; www. Hearing protection Howard Leight FirmFit earplugs are engineered to enhance the wearing experience for individ- uals who prefer a firmer fit in order to "feel" their hearing pro- tection devices and are accus- tomed to the familiar cylindrical or barrel-shaped earplug. Notes Honeywell Safety Products' Rachel Newport, senior product marketing manager, "The more comfortable the earplug, the longer workers will wear it. That's more protection for employ- ees—and greater compliance for safety manag- ers—a win-win for everyone." Independent lab tests, she contends, reveal the Howard Leight FirmFit earplugs are 40 percent softer with 29 percent lower expansion pressure than most leading classic-style alternatives. Firm- Fit earplugs provide effective 30 NRR dB hearing pro- tection and are a) easy to roll down and insert, with plenty of time to adjust for a proper ft; b) bright orange in color for high-visibility identifcation; and, c) available in corded and uncorded versions. Workers can try, compare, and feel the difference of FirmFit earplugs for themselves by requesting a compli- mentary, fve-pair "Ear-To-Ear Challenge" kit at BACKPACK VIBRATOR ErgoPack is equipped with 50cc Honda gas engine in what product developers describe as a highly mobile yet comfortable form factor. The model the only back- pack vibrator on the market to offer an ergonomic design where the engine weight is properly supported by the operator's hips, they contend. The design discourages inju- ry-prone postures and delays operator fatigue to improve overall productivity while allowing easy mobility around the job site. A single crew member can vibrate low- to high-slump concrete with up to a 2-in. head. Because the bulk of the weight is distributed over the hips, ErgoPack reduces the strain on shoulders and upper back so that the operator's upper body remains stable during concrete consolidation. This, in turn, enables operators to work longer jobs more effectively while helping prevent aches, pains and strains, which can result in lost work time. The Honda four-cycle engine has a heavy-duty clutch mounted on a rugged steel frame with a fexible throttle and kill switch. ErgoPack's quick disconnect method of connecting shafts is compatible with the company's 994 and SureSpeed electric motor vibrators, allowing customers to optimize their tool inventories across a range of concrete consolidation tasks. — 800/876-3837; gasbackpack

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