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JUL 2014

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 32 of 95 JuLY 2014 • 31 Associated Builders office carries early Green Globes certification Associated Builders & Contractors' 19,300-sq.-ft. national headquar- ters in Washington, D.C., is one of the first buildings to be certified under Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors, a program available to owners or individual commercial space tenants from the Green Build- ing Initiative (GBI), Portland, Ore. By focusing on economic, environmental and social sustainabil- ity, "ABC was able to choose a location that attracts top talent, in- creases value for our members and lowers the square footage, while incorporating sustainable materials and methods—such as virtual design and recycling—into the construction process and beyond," says ABC President Mike Bellaman. "We have an offce that furthers strategic goals, minimizes our impact on the environment and pro- vides easy access to multiple modes of transportation and a vibrant community for employees. GBI took into account many of these fac- tors during the assessment." Completed late last year, the project entailed an interior ft-out of offce and support spaces on the second and third foors on an existing District of Columbia building. Advanced by the ABC Green Building Committee—with fnancial support from Big-D Construc- tion and the ABC Massachusetts Chapter—the Green Globes certi- fcation saw an on-site review of the completed facility; interviews with project management team members; and, third-party reviews of product and construction documentation necessary to verify sus- tainability features. ASTM SUBCOMMITTEE WEIGHS STANDARD TO MEASURE RCC DENSITY, AIR CONTENT A proposed ASTM International standard will provide a test method for properties of fresh roller compacted concrete, its development coin- ciding with the increasing specification of RCC for highway road base, streets, roads, parking lots and heavy industrial pavements. ASTM WK42461, Test Method for Density (Unit Weight) and Air Con- tent (Pressure Method) of Freshly Mixed Roller-Compacted Concrete will suit paving or heavy/civil contractors, testing laboratories, and government agencies. It is being developed by Subcommittee C09.45 on Roller-Compacted Concrete, part of ASTM Committee C09 on Con- crete and Concrete Aggregates. "Measured air content values are used in the design and control of RCC mixtures, especially when the mixture is air entrained," says ASTM C09.45 member and USDA–Natural Resources Conservation Service Construction Engineer Dennis Clute. "As with conventional concrete, RCC mixtures are proportioned on the basis of absolute volume. Lab mixes are tested for air content to determine the volume of air in the mix in order to adjust the mix proportions to yield one cubic yard." Clute notes that RCC quality is proportional to its density. The the- oretical density of an RCC mix can be compared to density values obtained by ASTM WK42461 to verify that the mix is well proportioned. If the measured density is much less than that of the theoretical density, it may be necessary to change aggregate gradation or add more fine material to the mix. The proposed standard was to be discussed during C09's Committee Week late last month in Toronto. Information on com- mittee or subcommittee participation can be obtained from Dennis Clute, 817/509-3765,, or ASTM C09 staff liai- son Scott Orthey, 610/832-9730, BRIEFS ORGANIZATIONS

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