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JUL 2014

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 28 of 95 JuLY 2014 • 27 A foating booth made of precast half pipes is supported on steel posts and accessed via a steel gantry that traverses the room. Each pipe features leather upholstered banquette seating, re- cycled spotted gum slat paneling and acoustic absorption mats. ized steel reinforcing and connection points. The pipes were transported to site by truck and craned into position in stages over a few days. As the key feature of the revitalized 750-sq.-m pub, the façade is more than a wall—it contains booths that seat two, six or 12 people, and walkways that enable patrons to interact physically with the structure itself. Also, double glazed steel framed windows allow the inside of the venue to be easily observed from the street. "The façade provided an opportunity for us to acknowledge the clas- sic streamline features throughout the original pub but we were very conscious of not designing the pub around the façade. A pub's success is determined by how it operates within, rather than how it looks on the outside," noted Northrop. The revitalization also included an outdoor courtyard adjacent to a 5-m long bar made from recycled colored steel pipes and collapsible ta- bles that give way to a dance foor on weekends. The focal point of the atrium is a 5-m tall Jacaranda tree set against the backdrop of a 9-m tall precast wall with port holes and custom-design corrugation. Lush plant- er boxes are nestled in the circular portholes to create cascading foliage. NEWS SCOPE PRECAST

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