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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 66 of 73 August 2019 • 65 INNOVATIONS REPORTS LINK ROI CABMATE Electronic devices, led by the electronic control unit (ECU), and mechanical components equip the Road-Optimized Innovations Cabmate to a) absorb road shock and vibration normally transmitted through the truck frame and solid cab mounts; b) decrease cab motion from severe bumps and impacts, while improving driver comfort; and, c) provide real-time adjustments to the suspension's damper setting based on the terrain conditions to maximize driver comfort and augment alertness and safe vehicle operation. The ECU reads information from the accelerometer and position control sensors, and uses algorithms to determine shock absorber plus air spring adjustments. It is programmed to make adjustments hundreds of times per second, promoting a dynamic dampening state optimized for each instant. The Link controller and position sensor drive the air spring with internal jounce bumper to optimize air consumption and roll control. Accelerometer continuously measures accelera- tion at the top of the Cabmate suspension and streams information to the ECU. Position control sensor monitors vehicle cab position and velocity relative to the frame and streams information to the ECU. Electronically controlled shock ab- sorbers adjust to the optimal stiff- ness level in milliseconds, based on ECU signal, and promote optimal ride regardless of road conditions. Adjustable height control linkage can be set without removing from the suspension or sepa- rating from the linkage, and is equipped with a swivel socket allowing for any orientation. SPONTANEOUS DAMPENING MECHANISMS UNITE IN ROI CABMATE ROI Cabmate ECU

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