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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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62 • August 2019 INNOVATIONS REPORT BY TRAVIS WYNES Over the last 12 to 24 months, it seems as though topics such as autonomous driving and electronic logging device mandates have flooded the headlines for the transportation industry. And deservedly so: they are no doubt topical, important issues. However, in running your fleet day-to-day, understanding the evolution of maintenance and repair (M&R) issues and costs continue to be on top of the level of importance. M&R is critical because it significantly impacts every type of oper- ation. Improper management of M&R can drastically erode profits from the bottom line, and the older the truck, the costlier it gets. It is also the most volatile cost. According to a recent report on lifecycle strategy, M&R costs on a 2015 heavy-duty truck model total $14,472, compared with $2,184 on a new 2020 model, providing a savings of $12,288. Across a fleet of 100 trucks, this amounts to $1.2 million. A shorter lifecycle produces long-term savings beyond the first-year. When fleets adopt a three-year lifecycle for their trucks compared to a seven-year lifecycle, replacing with new technology in year four, they realize a savings of $42,830 in M&R calculated in years four through seven when compared to a fleet driving the same truck for the full seven years. MORE TRUCKS, MORE M&R CHALLENGES More fleet managers are realizing these numbers, and they're now placing a higher emphasis on M&R strategies. According to a recent survey, 40 percent of respondents listed M&R as their top motivating Analyzing maintenance and repair data keeps fleet managers in check Fleet Advantage has programmed ATLAAS (Advanced Truck Lifecy- cle Administrative Analytics Software) to help truck owners track maintenance and repair items, vehicle/driver interaction, safety factors, fuel economy and total operating costs. Users can visual- ize maintenance and fuel cost, depreciation and interest, damage repair and fleet administration data through custom dashboards. ATLAAS also factors market changes and uses proprietary business intelligence capabilities to determine what Fleet Advantage dubs a truck's economic "TIPPINGPOINT."

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