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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Who knew that going green could be so good for business? Join the new era of concrete: SIMPLY BETTER CONCRETE means higher volume with better margins Since partnering with CarbonCure in 2017, ready mix producer Irving Materials, Inc. (imi) has installed the CarbonCure Technology in 16 of its plants across Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, with further installations on the way. More than 130,000 cubic yards of reduced carbon concrete have been produced by imi, which has saved over 3.6 million lbs of CO 2 . PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT: imi The CarbonCure Technology injects CO 2 into concrete as an admixture to help concrete producers adjust mix designs and save costs while reducing carbon emissions. But can a lower carbon footprint really help grow business for the concrete industry? Jeff McPherson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at imi says, ÒI was skeptical about whether a lower carbon footprint would help us generate business in our region, but CarbonCureÕs sustainability messaging has yielded results. We are seeing a lot of success with CarbonCure not only commercially, but also with residential home builders in the Midwest. ItÕs exceeded my expectations.Ó Lastly, McPherson stresses that one of the key reasons that imi has embraced and endorsed CarbonCure from the beginning is because, as he puts it, "from a sustainability standpoint, we just feel like itÕs the right thing to do." Jeff McPherson Vice President Sales & Marketing imi

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