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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 52 of 73 August 2019 • 51 FEATURE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Concrete producers juggle data from many different systems—dis- patch, customer database, accounts payable, and so on. BCMI Corp.'s Material Pro app gives plant operators, salespeople, dispatchers and QC technicians access to this data via phone, tablet or laptop. PHOTO: BCMI Corp. The following examples provided by Yeack show how mobile solu- tions can help speed procedures that impact a company's bottom line: Sales cycle. Producers are already sitting on a very rich dataset of customer behavior by work type and geographic region. The right technology tools can help harness and interpret that data into action- able information. For example, producers can automate the process of calculating price points for specific projects or customers based on historic customer behavior. Customer interaction. Mobile apps that empower customers to do business with the producer from their device or laptop—i.e., see products available, place orders and make payments, look up past job tickets and invoices—significantly reduce the legwork that's often required of sales teams and dispatchers. Driver performance. GPS-equipped applications give dispatchers the ability to see and manage trucks and routes in real time. They can adjust truck scheduling so they aren't stacked up waiting to unload at one location while other locations are waiting on deliveries. Plus, truck-tracking tools can show how much time drivers spend on activities such as pre-trip checks and cleanup. Managers can com- pare those times against industry standards and set benchmarks for drivers to meet. Analytics: Measure and control. Technology tools that connect users to the data stored in all systems a producer uses, from customer relationship management to concrete dispatch to billing, can present a full picture of volumes, costs, time spent on activities, etc., per job so producers and their customers can identify where they can improve to save money and complete jobs quicker. The last economic downturn was a once-in-a-century occurrence, or so we hope. Companies were unprepared for its depth and length. What's more, says Yeack, "We didn't have the technology available to help us streamline costs and build customers. But we do now." When producers can retool the processes that slow them down, they can do more than save time. They can do more with less in lean times and easily scale up to take on more work when market conditions change. Victoria Sicaras is a freelance writer based in Countryside, Ill. She has 14 years of experience working as a writer and editor serving the construction industry. R o t a b e l t O E M p a r t s exclusive features Proportionnal movements -> less maintenance ! Single check valve inside the main cylinder -> no risk of tearing up the valve ! and more features available ... Our parts are compatible with other conveyor brands

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