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JUN 2019

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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48 • June 2019 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Company's redesigned High-5 model has a 43-in. frame, 10 inches shorter than prede- cessor model, making it better suited for plant or storage buildings with lower ceiling heights. Available in 8- to 24-ft. diameter sizes, the fan includes an updated mechanism to ease and speed installation: A clamp is placed over the beam and bolts are adjusted. The High-5 generates a breeze during the warmer months, producing a 6- to 8-degree cooling effect, and promotes de-stratifica- tion through the colder months, thereby contributing to energy conservation efforts. With a noise level that is barely audible, product engineers contend, the High-5 creates an extremely comfortable and safe environment for work. The blue and silver finish is attractive where comfort is nec- essary and style appreciated. Available accessories include 2- to 10-ft. drop rods and purlin kits for easy suspension. Among additional features and bene- fits: industrial-grade motor and gearbox; five-blade design contoured for maximum air movement; safety system with multiple tiers of protection, perfect for the rough industrial environment; modular compo- nents to enable service of a mounted fan; wingtips and flaps to produce more CFM at a lower RPM and direct airflow downward; custom ground helical-cut gears providing quiet and durable operation; double lip seals to prevent any potential oil leakage; and, premium grade lubricant designed for gears operating under severe temperature and load conditions. — Patterson Fan Co., Blythewood, S.C.; 800/768-3985; www.patter- Low ceiling height fan Venturo Logic Controls (VLC) system provides overload protection, vehicle stability and grade indications, real-time load and status updates, safety alerts and wireless or CAN communication. These features keep opera- tors on top of crane sequences and prevent potential damage to loads and injuries to job site crews. "When profit margins and labor markets are tight, companies cannot afford injuries to people or stalled productivity," says Venturo Vice President, Sales & Marketing Tony Alba- nese. "Cranes address each of these issues, and the VLC unit takes crane performance to a higher level." Features like overload protec- tion offer additional benefits, he adds, such as increased payload capacity and decreased waiting time on job sites, which can account for more than 60 percent of total labor time. The improved efficiency helps crews move a greater amount of materials with fewer people. A wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller affords operator comfort over 60-hour battery life; features a four-line, 20-character screen display, seven two-way toggle switches and four momentary push buttons; and, keeps the user experience intuitive in either 2.4GHz wireless or wired cable operation. While using the VLC controller, multiple safety and capacity alerts warn operators of mal- functions or overloads through LCD display screen text; transmitter handle vibrations; green/yellow/red light on underside of boom; and, corresponding lights on the wireless receiver. — Venco Venturo Industries, Cincin- nati, 800/226-2238; Crane control Increase Concrete Unit Weights from 140 lbs per Cu Ft in Any Increment to Over 200 lbs Cu Ft. Custom Mix Designs Are Available. Applications: • Counterweights • Ballast • Pipe Coatings • Radiation Shielding • New Innovations • New Innovations US Iron Provides: • Year Round Shipping • Available as a Coarse or Fine Aggregate or as a Blend For Additional Information, Contact: • Ph: 765-210-4111 HEAVY WEIGHT CONCRETE AGGReGATE

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