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MAY 2019

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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46 • May 2019 FEATURE TRUCKS & COMPONENTS The Preco PreView sensor has a continuous Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) that notifies the operator via the in-cab display of sensor failure within a fraction of a second. The test functions by monitoring transmit and receive performance plus other internal mechanisms. The BIST reporting functionality is critical feature for fail-safe operation. Using frequency modulated transmit waveform technology, the Side Defender radar measures radial range, speed, angle, reflectivity, and other parameters of multiple stationary and moving targets simultaneously. The radar sensor has a wide horizontal field of view up to +/-75 deg., optimized for side object detection in large trucks. When traveling above 10 mph, the horizontal field-of-view for all models is approximately 40 feet along the side and 10 feet wide. When traveling at slower speeds, models with Slow Speed ON have a horizontal field of view of approxi- mately 12 feet along the sides and 10 feet out. PRECO ELECTRONICS SIDE DEFENDER II BLIND SPOT MONITOR CRITICAL FIELD OF VIEW The latest addition to a family of radar-enabled safety devices suits heavy-duty vehicle operators navigating low speed urban settings. Side Defender II actively monitors the driver's blind spot, detecting moving vulnerable road users (VRU); ignoring stationary objects; eliminating nuisance alerts; and, reducing lane change accidents. The new companion PreView v2 in-cab display equips operators with more intuitive audible and visual alerts while offering installers flexibility and time savings. Side Defender II represents an evolution in technology, product developers contend, imparting VRU awareness to the platform's premier blind spot lane change assist feature. "Global governments, cities, and fleets are demanding side collision avoidance solutions capable of reducing collisions with VRU," says Preco Vice President of Business Development Tom Lout- zenheiser. "As the European Union moves towards legislation mandating this technology for heavy-duty vehicles, and Vision Zero cities in North America ask commercial truck fleets to take action, Preco has once again delivered on its legacy of creating effective side collision solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment." Side Defender II brings intelligent technology to an already successful lane change assist fea- ture, he adds, meeting the demand for collision mitigation systems capable of ignoring station- ary objects while alerting truck drivers of VRU in crowded urban environments. — Preco Elec- tronics, Boise, Idaho;

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