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MAR 2019

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 38 of 67 March 2019 • 37 NEWS SCOPE MATERIALS Sunrise Resources Plc of Cheshire, U.K., reports successful demon- stration of a material, mined at the CS Pozzolan-Perlite Project in Nevada, as a substitute for fly ash in concrete. Prior observation of the natural pozzolan entailed mortar specimens, while more recent tests have been conducted on concrete samples and involved a major integrated cement and ready mixed producer. Sunrise technicians evaluated mixtures with the natural poz- zolan substituting portland cement at a 20 percent factor plus a control bearing commercially available pozzolan. The CS Pozzolan specimen's strength development, setting times and shrinkage prop- erties compare favorably against the benchmark commercial sample per results or criteria of ASTM C39 Standard Test Method for Com- pressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens; C618 Standard Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use in Concrete; and, C1157 Standard Performance Specification for Hydraulic Cement. "The company is actively engaged in ongoing testing programs with a number of international cement companies and ready mix companies that have operations in the western United States and are potential customers and partners for our future production of natural pozzolan from the CS Project," says Sunrise Executive Chair- man Patrick Cheetham. Material testing and mine permitting efforts continue at the deposit toward a 15-year extraction schedule and three-phase poz- zolan processing capacity ramp up, from 100,000 to 500,000 tons annually. Output would be especially geared to concrete producers in Nevada and California—markets whose combined annual consump- tion of fly ash is 1.4 million tons, Sunrise estimates. Desert-derived natural pozzolan tests favorably as fly ash alternative CHARAH ADDS AMERICAN ELECTRIC ASH CONTRACT Charah Solutions, Inc. has secured an exclusive contract to market and manage coal combustion products (CCPs) produced from an American Electric Power plant, adding specification-grade Class C fly ash and bottom ash for customers in Okla- homa and Arkansas. The contract further strengthens the Charah MultiSource mate- rials network of more than 30 nationwide sourcing locations across the South, New England, Midwest, Rocky Mountains and California. Terminals and processing sites ensure a steady and reliable supply of Class C and Class F fly ash for ready mixed and manufactured concrete producers and other customers throughout the United States. "Charah Solutions is nationally rec- ognized in the power generation industry as a leading fly ash sales and marketing company," says Vice President of Byprod- uct Sales Scott Ziegler. "We expect this expansion in Oklahoma and Arkansas will allow us to increase our plant-sourced inventory. The contract to market and manage CCPs from AEP represents an important milestone for Charah Solutions in our continued efforts to expand our nationwide MultiSource network." Sunrise Resources' CS Pozzolan-Perlite Project in the Nevada desert, north of Las Vegas. The natural pozzolan deposit is concentrated below the mound on the left. C&W Environmental Solutions Optional Items The C&W Slump Master G3 is the latest and most innovative way to safely and easily check your concrete's slump, add fiber additives, and wash your trucks. Meniscus fiberglass decking provides a permanent grit surface that's safe, anti-slip, corrosion resistant which eliminates the need for sandblasting or painting. Slump Master G3 Features: • Flexibility • Long-Lasting, Durable • Easy to Operate • Safe to Operate • OSHA-Compliant • Available with Single or Double Platforms • Available in 8' and 11' heights • Galvanized for long life in wet environments Contact Us Today! (800)-880-DUST (3878)

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