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MAR 2019

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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34 • March 2019 NEWS SCOPE STANDARDS Sustainable Minds, Cambridge, Mass.-based specialist in product and material sustainabil- ity references, has published Transparency Catalog v2.0, continuing what editors note is a commitment to delivering simple, easy to use and powerful tools. MasterFormat number filtering, aligned with MasterSpec sections, enables architect, engineer, contractor and owner users to find the brands, products and transparency disclosures, by division and section, to meet project and green building rating system requirements. Product transparency refers to two types of technical studies manufacturers or suppliers engage to assess the life cycle environmental performance and material health of their products—the results netting insights for improvement and innovations. The pursuit of transparency dovetails incen- tives in six green building rating systems in North America offering credits for specifying products or materials from manufacturers and suppliers that disclose technical studies findings. Rating systems incentivize project stakeholders to specify transparency disclo- sure-backed products with the ultimate goal of delivering higher performing buildings. C o n f ro nt i ng nine Environ- mental Product Disclosure pro- gram operators and 10 mate- rial ingredient programs with disclosures eligible for green building cred- its, Sustainable Minds officials note, design professionals spend tremendous amounts of time sourcing products for rated or certified projects. Organizations of all sizes are updating their office master specifications and want to include requirements for products with trans- parency information. To that end, Transparency Catalog v2.0 tracks a) 1,000-plus building prod- uct manufacturers or suppliers in North America investing in product transparency, from every material ingredient disclosure program and every program operator; and, b) nearly 1,800 building product or material Environmental Product Declarations from 625 manufacturers or suppliers in 20 MasterFormat divisions. The catalog offers building product man- ufacturers and suppliers an educational, marketing, sales enablement and lead generation solution. Sales representatives and distributors can find products by brand with all associated transparency disclosures, organized by MasterFormat section. "This version signals that product transparency is reaching a tipping point. There are enough manufacturers across the majority of com- monly used MasterFormat divisions for filtering to provide a great user experience. We get continuous input through the close relationships with our customers and their customers. This product has been researched, road-mapped and developed based on a deep understanding of what will bring value to all users in this industry," says Sustainable Minds CEO Terry Swack. "Individuals preparing project specs are time-constrained and accustomed to electronic catalogs that group products by MasterFormat numbering," adds Grimm + Park Architecture Vice President Brian Wolf. "The Transparency Catalog will be a game changer in evaluating products for specifi- cations and address manufacturers' concerns about the cost of product transparency now that it is easier to find their products." — Transparency Catalog assists green building practice GLOBAL CEMENT, CONCRETE SUSTAINABILITY GUIDELINES The Global Cement and Concrete Association, London, has published its first six Sustain- ability Guidelines. They include simple, reliable and representative key performance indicators against which member companies monitor and report on their sustainability performance across a number of key activi- ties; monitoring and reporting carbon dioxide and related emissions from cement produc- tion; co-processing of fuels and materials; safety; and, water usage. "The Guidelines are important as they provide industry and stakeholders with a means to document and improve the sustain- ability performance of the global cement and concrete sectors against the GCCA Sustain- ability Charter," says GCCA Cement Director Claude Lorea. "Signing up to the guidelines emphasizes the cement and concrete sector's commitment to sustainable development including its critical work to reducing global CO 2 emissions. The sector is determined to keep up the momentum and demonstrate leadership in sustainability—that is what our members are committed to and these guide- lines will help ensure that we keep on track." To achieve the extended compliance, full GCCA members shall have their data and tar- gets verified and reported publicly. The group intends to communicate data publicly in a consolidated format. Complete Recovery -Aggregate recovery -Gray water management -Filter press adaptable Basic Separation -Aggregate recovery | 800-356-8106

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