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FEB 2019

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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42 • February 2019 COVER STORY BY DON MARSH The new South Amboy production line's material handling, storage and transfer equipment and devices are bathed in energy efficient LED lighting and very accessible for inspection and maintenance. Standley Batch Systems, Sika Corp., Teka North America and Venator Corp. tailored aggregate, cement, admixture and pigment storage and transfer, along with base and face mix production and transfer, on an optimized footprint at the rear of the facility. Cambridge Pavers uses all washed and manufactured aggregates engineered in house to meet its base and ArmorTec face mix design needs. To contend with property line limitations and a village easement, Standley Batch configured a ramp for wheel loaders feeding two 25-ton bunkers, 12- x 14- x 8-ft. with top grating. The vessels transfer coarse and fine aggregates to the main indoor bin via a 60-ft. Flexwall conveyor, operating a 55-degree incline and rated at 250 tons/hour. The 48-in. Flexwall belt transfers aggregate to shuttle and reversing cross conveyors charging the main bin, whose 12 compartments each measure 12- x 14- x 21-ft. for 198 tons, or nearly 2,400 tons of total indoor aggregate storage. AGGREGATES, CEMENT, ADMIXTURES PHOTOS: Concrete Products; Teka North America Each bin compartment has two air operated clam gates feeding one of two dual weigh belts (top), 36-in. x 93-ft. long and bearing on compression style load cells. They load two 36- x 22- ft. long trans- fer belts that charge two pivoting stacker conveyors that serve twin Teka THT 3000 base mix mixers by way of 5.3-ton skip hoists. An outer weigh belt (right) loads white sand on a long incline conveyor charging two 0.9-ton skip hoists serving twin Teka THT 500 face mix mixers. Standley Batch positioned three 148-ton silos on the perimeter wall elevation opposite the main aggregate bin, while admixture tanks are at the base of the lowest of three mezzanines in the batch plant scheme.

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