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NOV 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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44 • November 2018 WESTERN REGION THIRD PLACE PETE LIEN & SONS, INC. STEAMBOAT SPRINGS READY MIX (PLANT #5) • STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO FEATURE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS Plant is nestled in a mountain community known for expansive vistas and pristine mead- ows below towering peaks. A decorative block wall and architectural enclosure treatments limit plant site and equipment visibility for the Steamboat Springs community. Consistent with Pete Lien & Sons' environ- mental management strategies, the operation is configured to capture, settle and recycle process water, thus eliminating municipal sewer or natural waterway discharges. The Steamboat Springs Ready Mix plant continu- ally recycles all settled process water used in truck wash down. Drivers are trained to clean their mixers as quickly as possible to limit water returned to the recycling loop. Dikes and berms are situated to route storm water to a dedicated retention pond and eliminate process water commingling. In addition, a sand filter is used to capture runoff from block storage before discharge to a nearby retention pond through a culvert. Steamboat Springs plant storm water management, air permit and spill preven- tion plans are reviewed, updated if required, and certified by a division manager follow- ing full review with a senior supervisor. Any changes to plans or environmental manage- ment procedures are then communicated to the appropriate employees through training events. In addition to training required by air and storm water discharge permits, the Steamboat Springs plant has also incorpo- rated environmental measures into safety training for job tasks. SWPPP, chemical and hazardous material management are covered annually. Such training includes how to read a safety data sheet and the new global har- monization version of such documents; fuel loading and unloading procedures; and, how to respond to and report spills. Formal training conducted at Steamboat Springs can utilize different methods that include quizzes or interactive demonstrations to measure knowledge and competency. After every session, employees are presented with an evaluation or survey form; five to 10 questions allow them to critique training and suggest content, format, or method of deliv- ery improvements. The approach has proved effective in working with team members who are not comfortable speaking or asking questions in a large group setting. All Pete Lien & Sons sites or individuals recognized for environmental performance are acknowl- edged personally by their supervisor and/ or corporate management and through press releases or the company newsletter. Drivers keep trucks clean, knowing their drums are rolling Pete Lien & Sons bill- boards. Drums bear alternating colored tick marks so drivers can easily verify rotation direction and avoid accidental discharge.

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