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NOV 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 47 of 66 November 2018 • 43 FEATURE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS WESTERN REGION SECOND PLACE CENTRAL CONCRETE SUPPLY SAN FRANCISCO PLANT • SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA "First impressions are the most lasting" … Central Concrete team members take the saying to heart as they tend to an operation with three batch plants, an upgraded mixer fleet, and entrance sporting custom stainless steel signage, eucalyptus trees and hedges. Concern for site upkeep and aesthetics is matched in adherence to an Environmental Management System, widely accepted as crucial to staying in compliance with all regulatory agency guidelines and abiding five Environmental Policy keys: Meet or exceed governmental requirements; Empower employees; Strive to reduce the environ- mental impact of operations; Review and improve practices; and, Be responsible stewards. In addition to having the entire EMS organized by binders and loaded on a secure network, Central Concrete managers also train every employee on each part of the system within 30 days of being hired, and once yearly afterward. This makes system compliance each team member's responsibility, and helps Central Concrete Supply to continue to be an environmental leader in the Bay Area and ready mixed concrete industry. Recognizing process water volume tied to truck washdown, for example, the producer installed an automated system. The Load and Go (bottom photo, right) decreases the amount of water outbound trucks consume and time it takes for the drivers to leave the yard, and reduces injuries associated with climbing up and down ladders during traditional wash down procedures. The equipment is calibrated to spray mixers 30-40 seconds and uses 15-20 gallons less per truck compared to manual methods. Time savings of 2.5 minutes per load realized at the San Francisco plant spells lower truck emissions and fuel consumption, plus shorter ready mixed delivery times. Air quality is taken very seriously at the San Francisco plant and sister locations. Employees specially trained to inspect, diagnose and perform repairs keep dust control equipment logs. Inspectors reviewing the logs to note preventative maintenance measures and repairs that ensure emissions devices are running effectively. To address state regulator-rooted customer concerns on another pollution control front, Central Concrete mixer drivers deploy Envi- roGuard Chute rinse systems to ensure they do not leave any process water or excess concrete at a job site. Water management and pol- lution control pervade Cal- ifornia ready mixed opera- tions. The Shumaker Load and Go automated truck wash system netted Central Concrete San Francisco an estimated 200,000 gallons of fresh water savings in 2017, thanks to 30- to 40-second cycle settings and nozzle-op- timized flows. Dust control logs reflect weekly visual observations and any emis- sions abatement equipment repairs. The San Francisco operation's three batch plants are charged by 175- ton and 225-ton fly ash (delivery shown here) and slag cement si- los. The use of supplementary cementitious materials helps Central Concrete live up to a motto, "Stronger. Cleaner. Greener."

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