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NOV 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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42 • November 2018 FEATURE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS A well landscaped bio-swale borders the site entrance, providing water treatment in addition to its aesthetic function. Beyond, the office building and surrounding stormwater containment area are kept clean and in excellent condition. Environmental review teams of Newberg and sister CalPortland site staff periodically examine the plant's physical condition and record keeping. Participation from outside colleagues lends eyes to the Newberg operation and helps identify potential problems that everyday personnel might overlook. Apparent to the environmental review team is the consistent performance of a paved and graded process water area. At close of business, all production material is washed into the settling cells above. Once the area is cleaned, and process and truck wash water are fully contained, storm water is diverted to a detention pond, which significantly decreases the site's process-water volume. Environmental management at Newberg spans all wet/liquid or dry material storage and handling: Admixture tanks lie in secondary containment structures amid the process water zone. Mixer trucks are parked in assigned spots to easily identify and repair leaking equipment. Any leaks are cleaned up with spill kits readily available for drivers and plant staff. Aggregate piles and unpaved roads are wet down throughout the day to control fugitive dust emissions. Returned concrete that cannot be re-batched is used in concrete block production. Any concrete that can't be used in blocks is dis- charged into a reclaimer for fine and coarse aggregate recovery. Reduction of environmental impacts on Newberg customer sites begins at the plant with daily pre-trip truck inspection. Drivers especially look for leaks, wear on hoses and spill kits. CalPortland recognizes preventative maintenance as key to both equipment life cycle and reducing hydraulic fluid and oil spills in the field. WESTERN REGION FIRST PLACE CALPORTLAND CO. NEWBERG READY-MIX PLANT • NEWBERG, OREGON Production and vehicle trafficking are confined to the smallest foot- print possible at the Newberg site. Unpaved areas are vegetated and reserved as green space. Water retention and vegetation allow for solids to settle and collect within the detention feature. Community involvement is a CalPortland Newberg priority, illustrat- ed here by participation in a Fourth of July parade.

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