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AUG 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 62 of 71 August 2018 • 61 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Mack Trucks has unveiled the MP8HE 13-liter engine and HE+ package for its Anthem model series, noting the potential for a 9.5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay designation. The Mack Energy Recovery Technology cap- tures waste energy from the MP8HE's exhaust, converts it to mechanical energy, then delivers it back to the crankshaft as additional torque. The HE+ package consists of fuel efficiency-en- hancing features, including additional aero components that extend the Anthem aerody- namic advantage. "Customers continue to place a heavy emphasis on improving fuel efficiency, par- ticularly now, as we see fuel prices steadily climbing," says Mack Senior Vice President, North American Sales & Marketing Jonathan Randall. "Combining our advanced Energy Recovery Technology with additional aero- dynamic features, we're able to achieve significant fuel savings without compromising performance." "By capturing and using waste energy from the exhaust, Energy Recovery Technol- ogy allows the engine to run at lower RPM for less stress on components," adds Director of Product Strategy Roy Horton. "This not only improves fuel efficiency, but also helps improve durability and reliability." The Mack MP8HE is available exclusively with the Mack mDRIVE automated manual Energy recovery boosts Mack engine fuel efficiency transmission. Fully integrated with the engine, the mDRIVE contributes to overall efficiency by constantly monitoring speed, grade and load to identify ideal shift points and help ensure the truck is always in the right gear. The transmission also enables the lower, downspeed cruise RPM to take advantage of the extra Energy Recovery-de- rived torque. The HE+ package also features Mack Pre- dictive Cruise, an intelligent system that memorizes a route when cruise control is on, storing up to 4,500 hills in its memory. The next time a driver travels the same route, Predictive Cruise engages the ideal shift strategy for maximum fuel efficiency. —

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