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AUG 2018

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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36 • August 2018 rocks, aggregate, boulder and unique stone, Granite Express will become a Pioneer divi- sion and maintain current leadership and employees as it transitions into the Pioneer organization. "This momentum of growth has allowed us to expand significantly over the past few months. Acquiring Granite Express allows us to not only inherit a new pipe- line of business but also gives Pioneer the ability to expand and thrive in the Arizona market," says Pioneer CEO Sagi Cohen. "Granite Express seamlessly fits within our 'farm-to-table' strategy by enhancing Pioneer's commercial division and product capabilities, bringing us one step closer to our goal of being the premier custom- er-centric, outdoor living destination in the Southwest." Wisconsin-based Spancrete has pro- moted John Schnell from vice president of Spancrete Machinery to vice president of Precast Operations North, and Nicho- las Passint from product development and business development engineer to vice president of Spancrete Machinery. A 33-year company veteran keen to the industry, operational efficiencies and man- aging a team with diverse skill sets, Schnell will be responsible for overseeing the producer's Crystal Lake, Ill., and Valders, Wis., precast operations, and based at the latter. Passint is credited with leading the development of Spancrete's RePlenish per- vious precast system and, from a Waukesha headquarters office, will be responsible for increasing sales of the namesake hollow core fabrication, finishing and handling equipment. ORGANIZATIONS The American Society for Concrete Con- tractors will hold its 17th annual conference September 20-23 at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, Charlotte, N.C. Concrete contractors, manufacturers, designers and other industry professionals will gather for three days of educational events and networking. Key presenters this year are Cornell Uni- versity Professor Dr. Ken Hover; Associated Builders & Contractors Chief Economist Anirban Basu; and, ChemSystems' Chris Sullivan. Seminar tracks include Technol- ogy, Business Management, Business Field Level, Decorative and Polished Concrete, and Safety. Among seminar topics or themes: "Evaporation Retarders & Finishing Aids," "Drones in Concrete Contracting," "Surface – Create vs. Heart Crete: A Critical Difference," "Concrete 101 for Polishers," and "Pain Man- agement." Attendees can take advantage of ACI Flatwork Finisher or Decorative Concrete Flatwork Finisher Certification class and exam on the opening day. The Decorative Concrete and Concrete Pol- ishing councils will install an architectural exposed finish hardscape at the hotel ball- room entrance. It will entail placement of specialty aggregates and polishable overlay on Friday, plus exposed slab reveal and complete polishing the following morning. Additional activities during the conference will include a golf tournament, NASCAR Experience at Con- cord Raceway, Mint Museum Tour, and foraging with an executive chef. — ASCC, 866/788-2722; ASTM International Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates presented its top annual recognition, Award of Merit and accompanying Fellow title, to Chryso Inc. Sales & Marketing Manager Steven Parker. The award reflects dedicated service to the committee, particularly in administrative leadership roles and contributions to developing and improv- ing standards for aggregates, ready mixed and finished concrete. BRIEFS ACTIVITIES & APPOINTMENTS Toll-Free (US): 888-235-8235 | Tel: (920) 894-1113 | Email: sales@bŅ Proven Concrete Reclaimers and Cement Slurry Solutions from BFK Automated pH Control System from ATSI AFD1 Auto Flocc Dispenser continuously feeds SlurrySep TM SNUBNOSE Concrete Reclaimer "BFK Bunker" Complete Concrete Reclamation and Cement Slurry Solutions Concrete Reclaimers Separate piles of clean reusable rock and clean reusable sand Simple! Install, operate and maintain without a factory technician SlurrySep TM Flocculant AFD Auto Flocc Dispenser minimize pond size remove colors encapsulate much of the heavy metals found in your washout water Keeps reclaimer plumbing and pump internals CLEAN pH control from ATSI Uses CO 2 to lower pH Knocks out suspended solids The "BFK Bunker" layout less solids enter your pond system SlurryDry TM Solidification Agent Absorbs loose water in the solids pile collected from the reclaimer. Mix it in, and immediately load for disposal

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