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NOV 2017

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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46 • November 2017 FEATURE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS CENTRAL REGION THIRD PLACE GCC MID-CONTINENT COMPANY, INC. SPRINGDALE PLANT • SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS GCC Springdale is mindful of aesthetics and housekeeping across the plant, office building, shop, fueling and material storage areas, truck washout pits, returned mix windrow pad, and stormwater pond. Adherence to the "5S" program—emphasizing the impor- tance of order, organization, and cleanliness—promote a safe working environment. A corporate environmental department oversees annual train- ing for the Springdale plant manager and counterparts throughout the GCC Mid-Continent ready mixed operations. Participants gain insight on how to use the SWPPP and SPCC; perform environmental related sampling; and, conduct and document routine equipment and facility inspections. Plant managers are in turn responsible for training site employees on implementing and maintaining environmental policies. In the future, they will be charged with an auditable environmental management system presently in the works. It will store environmental documentation and track prac- tices and processes aimed at lowering environmental impact. GCC has implemented many plant level procedures to cut environ- mental risks and impacts, from cement offloading to stormwater capture to waste minimization. The Springdale facility's stormwa- ter detention pond has a concrete step system positioned at the entrance to ensure that a majority of the solids are dropped out before runoff reaches the pond. Once stormwater enters the pond, remaining solids have additional time to settle before discharging off site. Concrete returned to the plant is used to cast blocks, deployed at the Springdale site or sold to outside parties. The plant also has a designated area—shaped like a bowl to prevent runoff—for windrowing leftover mix. In addition to water and air quality measures, Springdale plant staff is weighing energy conservation measures on the heels of a University of Arkansas audit backed by the U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Assessment Center. All process water runoff is directed to a drainfield, where a perforated pipe transfers it to the first of two holding tanks; after filling, water decants to the second. Settled water can either be recycled back to the plant for non-spec concrete work or used on aggregate stockpiles. A concrete channel with steps helps capture stormwater sediments from runoff bound for the detention pond. Stormwater is also collected in stockpile areas to keep lightweight aggregates under constant moisture. The Springdale plant is among GCC operations harboring a pink truck. The producer donates 50 cents of each yard delivered from the themed mixers to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

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