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SEP 2017

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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Page 46 of 59 September 2017 • 45 INNOVATIONS REPORT CURING Coupled with the company's signature Vapor Generator equipment, the AutoCure System automatically controls curing temperatures and time for product consistency, lower energy consumption and eliminating cure cycle guesswork. The technology supports wireless, plant- wide communication and enables users to reduce a) cement dosages through curing parameters based on individual mix designs; and, b) energy costs associated with overheating or not utilizing curing products' heat of cement hydration. Among key AutoCure companion devices: • MatchCure. Integrated into the system for seamless quality control documentation and curing control, it allows test cylinders to be temperature controlled to match the element being cured. • Vaporware. Measures, records, prints and stores data. For quality control and general plant management, it connects to the central processor on the vapor generator with Microsoft Windows. Curing data can be displayed and/or printed in color in a graphical or list format; saved on disk or hard-drive; and, accessed internally over company intranet or remotely over a secure connection. • Wireless probes. Running on batteries carrying one-year charge, the devices measure ambient or internal concrete temperatures and have up to 1,000-ft. line of sight range. Larger operations can be outfitted with multiple receivers. — Kraft Curing, 267/793-1005; www. KRAFT CURING Vaporware, AutoCure documentation Vapor generator Ambient and internal con- crete temperature sensors; temperature reading signal receiver; and, AutoCure tem- perature logging, control software.

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