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Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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44 • September 2017 INNOVATIONS REPORT CURING EQUIPMENT POLARMATIC Company has engineered concrete curing systems around the carbon dioxide-rich Turbosteam (vapor curing) concept, underscoring its effectiveness for changing products and production loads, wide product variety and flexibility. Low-pressure steam maintains curing chamber/kiln temperature while also supplying the right amount of moisture to keep the humidity level of the environment stable and hydration progressing. The Polarmatic CureCompact appliance provides a flexible and efficient means for generating an optimum curing environment. Its Turbosteam output is the same heating media generated by the company's flagship Turbomatic heating system deployed in precast concrete operations worldwide. CureCompact features a low pressure Turbosteam generator; power rating from 2.6 million to 3.4 million (500 to 1,000 kW) Btu/hour; oil, natural gas or propane fuel options; and, Control Touch screen as standard user interface. Options include PC user interface, Curematic curing control, temperature and humidity transducers for curing chambers/kilns, plus control valves. — Polarmatic North America Ltd., Cincinnati, 603/315-7598; Aggthem Aggregate Heating Systems for sand & gravel bins enable plants to produce concrete at sub-zero temperatures. In contrast to saturated steam-based systems, the hot-dry air (248°F/120°C) Aggtherm equipment uses as a heating medium does not impact the water/cement ratio in the concrete mixture. An additional option for pre-heating mix water equips operators with additional mixture temperature control. Along with making winter production possible and augmenting stable water/cement ratios, AggTherm Heating Systems afford concrete pro- ducers shorter curing time and lower energy costs attributable to their high-performance burners. CureTec also provides direct-fired steam gener- ators with an efficiency of 98 percent; ConCure hot air generators for curing precast elements; and, AllCure, a system combining independently control of hot air and humidity sources. — CureTec/ Pathfinder Systems, Holland, Mich., 616/395-8447, 877-49-TIGER; www. CURETEC

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