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JUL 2017

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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100 • July 2017 Global color and specialty chemicals producer Archroma bills Mowilith Powder 2702 re-dispersible polymer powder (RDP) as a ground-break- ing innovation to support "highly-practical and sustainable 1K (one-component) premium-performance waterproofing mortars." Powder 2702 cost-effectively improves the key properties of cement-based formulations, such as adhesion and hydrophobicity (water repellence), product developers contend, and achieves higher performance in comparison to both traditional 2K (two-component) systems and other polymers available for waterproofing mortars. Com- pared to existing polymers, it also delivers semi-flexibility, which results in less mortar cracking and better overall 1K system sealing performance. A pre-packed 1K dry-mix mortar with Powder 2702 offers a com- bination of performance, handling and sustainability-related benefits that set it apart from standard 2K systems based on dry mortar and a liquid dispersion, Archroma reports. It requires only water to be added to the dry component at the worksite to achieve a mortar with the desired consistency for easier user application. Owing to the RDP properties, the mortar can be re-dispersed after contact with water for later use. As water is easy to dose, particularly with a pre-supplied dosage recipient, this also creates less potential for user error. The advanced 1K option has environmental and logistic-related benefits over a 2K system, Archroma notes: From a packaging perspec- tive, only one plastic packet of dry fillers is needed per box instead of a dry mix bag and a liquid bag. This lessens the amount of plastic and content weight is reduced by up to 30 percent. By enabling a smaller box size, less warehouse storage space is needed. In addition, a purely dry-mix package is easier and safer to transport than liquid contents. Mowilith Powder 2702-dosed mortar can be applied over concrete, masonry, cement-based materials and ceramic surfaces in wet and wettable areas; buried structures such as tanks and pools; internal and external walls; plus, underground foundations and baseboards. The product meets requirements attending potable water storage structures. — Archroma Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants, Reinach, Switzerland, INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Re-dispersable polymer powder anchors semi-flexible waterproofing mortars The MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series introduces a cen- tralized and ready-to-use system for rotating equipment applications across a variety of industries. The system has pluggable outlets; is packaged as a complete kit; and, designed for easy installation and user-friendly programming via keypad with LED display. The TLMP can supply from one to 18 points on a controlled and timely basis in order to deliver the proper lubrication amount at the required frequency to optimize bearing performance and equipment reliability. Use of the system eliminates the typical challenges and issues associated with manual lubrication, product engineers note, including difficult-to-access points; over- or under-greasing; equip- ment shutdowns during maintenance; and, potential worker injury during their lubrication routes. Equipped with lubricator, required tubing, and connectors, the TMLP series features a durable metal housing, generous one-liter reservoir capacity, stirring paddle to prevent grease separation, and cycle control sensor to govern ideal delivery of lubricant. Maximum operating pressure of 120 bar (1,740 psi) can be achieved and the system can perform in temperatures from -13° to 158°F. With a high IP protection rating, the MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator is engineered to resist vibration, withstand repeated equipment wash downs, and prevent ingress of contaminants. As value-added safeguards, the TLMP system features low-level and malfunction alarms—with notifications even at remote loca- tions—alerting when the reservoir is empty or an outlet blocked. In addition, the system enables machine steering to temporarily dis- able lubrication by removing power. — SKF USA Inc., Lansdale, Pa., 800/440-4SKF; Automatic machinery lubricator

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