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JUN 2017

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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44 • June 2017 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Attachments in the manufacturer's BlockMaster range include the J250R, a rotating overhead block clamp suited to operations where finished products need to be securely clamped and rotated in a par- ticular way. Additionally, the BlockMaster WR400T is an overhead block clamp with twin pack consolidation. It ensures what product engineers contend are optimum performance and maximum produc- tivity when handling two block packs. The WR400T is rated at 8,500 lbs. and has a 48-in. inside height. The BlockMaster standard and specialist range offerings cuts han- dling and loading times for concrete and clay products. Three- and four-pack devices afford secure and reliable handling of multiple brick packs in one single lift. Individual head movement allows packs on a conveyor with spaces between to be brought together quickly and efficiently for instant storage and transport. The Brick Tine attachment suits brick production sites that require packs to be handled in a kiln. It allows pallet-less handling of the units by clamping the pack at the base. The Kiln Tine attachment greatly reduces the likelihood that the bricks will be damaged when they are moved around site, thereby protecting investment and pre- venting the high cost of replacing damaged goods. To further protect product, the pressure of the Brick Tine's grip on the pack is controlled by mechanical springs on link rods. Operated by a single rear hydrau- lic cylinder, the rods provide the safest grip at the lowest pressure to the product. The tines have both upper and lower replaceable strips, which hold the product without causing it any damage. The attachment is fitted with an additional side shift facility to allow for safe and precise loading. — B&B Attachments, United Kingdom, www.; North American representative, Lift Technolo- gies, 888/946-3330, Wall system specialist CavityComplete has named Prosoco as its new air and moisture barrier product source. The latter will contribute category-leading components that have been tested and proved to work with existing system solutions to help manage air, vapor and water movement. Lawrence, Kan.-based Prosoco is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete; making building enve- lopes air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new or existing masonry buildings. CavityComplete was designed in 2014 by five recognized construction industry brands, embodying components from Owens Corning Sales, Heckmann Building Products, Mortar Net Solutions, and Rodenhouse Inc. "We believe [our] long-standing commitment to innovation and exceeding quality standards in the air and water barrier market abides by CavityComplete's vision of providing the industry's best solution for masonry cavity wall systems," says Prosoco Director of Sales & Marketing Brian Koenings. "[Our] collaboration with other best-in-class manufac- turers will provide architects and specifiers with even more expertise and high-quality products." CavityComplete is promoted as the only wall system in which all com- ponents were tested together in an assembly to produce systemized codes and standards compliance data. When combined, the components produce wall systems that provide thermal efficiency, continuous insulation, fire resistance, air and water management, vapor resistance and veneer anchor- ing. Each wall system in the portfolio is engineered to allow the designer options in continuous insulation and cladding choices, as well as to maximize performance by climatic region. — Cavity Complete/Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio, 844/228-2667; Overhead product clamp OWENS CORNING BRINGS PROSOCO INTO CAVITY COMPLETE WALL SYSTEM

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