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JUN 2017

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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40 • June 2017 INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Company specializes in fluidizers that promote dry powder discharge from bulk trailers; its unique aerators can be spec- ified when ordering new equipment or retrofitted to existing applications with convenient kits. Silo or tanker fluidizers enable a uniform flow of most dry bulk materials through aeration and vibration. The tanker fluidizer disk distributes air along the trailer, freeing up product evenly and efficiently, while minimum back pres- sure ensures energy is directed within the container walls. Gentle vibration aids in product flow and ensures no compacting or plugging. A patented silicone rubber disk seals tightly against the wall to prevent air- line plugging and will not tear or pick up moisture. These combined performance characteristics help prevent bridging, rat holing and compacting. Solimar flu- idizers are direct replacements and offer improved performance for Heil, Polar or Sure seal aerators. — Solimar Pneumatics, Minneapolis, 800/233-7109; www.solimarp- Company has added a 6-in. size to its BlockFlash series of embeddable flashing solutions for managing moisture in exterior, single-wythe concrete masonry unit walls. BlockFlash uses patented flashing pans to collect moisture in the wall and channel it to the exterior through integrated weep spouts, which are gray in color to blend in with standard mortar. Drainage mesh placed in every block cell in the course immediately above the pans provides hundreds of clear pathways for water to flow around mortar droppings inside the cells and reach the pans. BlockFlash cuts installation time associated with using membrane flashing in a multi-wythe course by approximately 50 per- cent, product developers note, and eliminates the need for multiple architectural CMU sizes typical with through-wall flashing. The 6-in. device works the same as existing 8-, 10- and 12-in. versions, which have been installed in over 3 million lineal feet of walls. The new size is designed to meet the growing popu- larity of specifying 6-in. block to meet future building energy codes and for its space-sav- ing benefits in larger buildings. In addition to BlockFlash, the company offers BlockNet for single-wythe CMU walls, promoting it as the only CMU flashing product that can be used for repair, restoration and high security walls, and that can be installed post-construction. Water in the block cells flows down the inside of the face of the cells through the BlockNet vertical mesh compo- nent and onto the horizontal stainless steel drainage section, which channels water out of the wall through the integrated horizon- tal drainage mesh element and weep tabs. It can be used in reinforced or unreinforced 8-, 10- and 12-in. CMU walls and in unrein- forced 6-in. unit walls. BlockNet creates a continuous stainless steel drip edge around the building perimeter. — MortarNet Solu- tions, Burns Harbor, Ind., Bulk tanker disk fluidizer/aerator 6-in. concrete masonry unit wall flashing

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