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MAY 2017

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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52 • May 2017 FEATURE TRUCKS & COMPONENTS Compared to its prior regional haul offer- ings, the company presents the new VNR as a versatile tractor, suited to bulk and flatbed applications and defined by innova- tions from aerodynamic design, reimagined working environment, improved engine and transmission options to gearing and loading efficiencies, passive and active safety sys- tems plus integrated connectivity. With a 113-in. bumper-to-back-of-cab length and improved sightlines over the hood, the vehicle is designed for increased maneuverability in tight spaces and urban traffic to complement a 50-degree wheel cut. Details like stamped steel bumpers that protect the lights and grille, engineers note, make it clear the VNR is truly a work truck. "Regional routes often mean traveling at highway speeds, where aerodynamics becomes increasingly important," says Volvo Trucks North America Director of Product Marketing Wade Long. "With the new VNR, customers will see an overall fuel efficiency gain of up to 3.5 percent compared with our previous regional haul model." The cab environment is designed to allow drivers to work more comfortably, produc- tively and safely, adds Volvo Trucks NA Chief Designer Brian Balicki. "Every innovation has been filtered through the driver's eyes," he notes. "We channeled the input of nearly 2,000 drivers and brought those thoughts and preferences to life through the VNR." Driver feedback is reflected in features like the Position Perfect three-motion steer- ing wheel, which allows for more optimal vertical setting to help reduce arm, neck and shoulder fatigue. New seats offer adjustments to fit more drivers' shapes and preferences, and bring heating and cooling comforts. SAFETY The new VNR builds on Volvo's safety reputa- tion through passive and active technology enhancements. In addition to sound warning, Active Driver Assist projects a critical signal onto the windshield when drivers approach too close to an object in front of them, and can automatically apply brakes to help mit- igate a collision. Automotive-quality LED headlights increase visibility and decrease light spillover onto oncoming traffic, making the road safer for all. Automotive features like automatic lighting and rain-sensing wipers provide convenience and help driver safety, while a lane change support system provides visibility to blind spots. The VNR model has a high-strength steel cab. In the event of a crash, available side air- bags for the driver's seat also help protect the driver in a rollover. The driver's seat airbag complements the steering wheel-mounted driver's-side airbag standard on the VNR. POWER The Volvo D11 engine is standard on the new truck and offers up to 425 hp and 1,550 lb.-ft. of torque. Given the weight-conscious nature of many regional haul applications, the engine was designed to match the VNR. The model can also be spec'd with a Volvo D13 rated up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. The engines feature wave pistons, a patented Volvo technology that burns fuel more effi- ciently. A common rail fuel delivery system with proprietary features is more efficient but also lighter, quieter and more precise. Both innovations reduce friction, which means longer engine life and quieter ride. Combined with an (eXceptional Effi- ciency) XE transmission package, the engines for the VNR model are even more efficient as a result of downspeeding. Paired with Volvo's I-Shift automated manual transmis- sion as standard also allows for spec'ing of automated functions, among them Adaptive Loading, which senses when a truck is empty and lifts an axle to increase efficiency; and, Adaptive Gearing, which locks out overdrive when the truck is fully loaded and makes it available on an empty return. The VNR is equipped with Volvo's facto- ry-installed telematics hardware, providing connectivity for predictive diagnostics and monitoring of critical engine, transmission and aftertreatment trouble codes. Through standard connectivity hardware, customers can also perform powertrain software and parameter updates over the air with Remote Programming. —; www. VOLVO TRUCKS | VNR DAY CAB Volvo VNR day cab

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